Canine Drug Overdose

Police canines face many of the same challenges police officers do, stabbed, shootings and being assaulted. The biggest threat lately is illegal drug ingestion. Marijuana can cause issues but usually never fatal. Opioids are the largest threat right now to our canines.

During searches canines do not have the same protective gear as their human partners. A new drug that they are being exposed to known as carfentanyl has caused the death of at least one police canine in the United States. Canines can breathe in via mouth and nose, and there it gets adsorbed directly into the body. Signs of opiate overdose in a canine happens quickly.

Narcan is the drug that can stop a fatal overdose; many police & paramedics now have it on hand to treat human overdoses. It works on canines also. This drug needs to be given immediately with drug intoxication. We are trying to include at least one dose in all our first aid kits for departments that do not offer this drug to offices for their human emergency kits.

Everything in our kits can help save a canine in an emergency, but this drug can save them on the spot.

Kits for K9's is a 501c3 nonprofit, all donations are used for supplies in our first aid kits.

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Zoetis Petcare now has the K9 Courage program to help retired working dogs get the medical care they need. This program is to help retired police and military K-9 with medical expenses.

Thank You NaturVet for your support.

We would like to thank Naturvet for their continued support of Kits for K9's. Every year naturvet donates Pet electrolyte solution for us to include in our first aid kits. We are so lucky to have an organization like this support out K9's.

Donation for Narcan - From Lucee and Miana

Kits for K9s mission is to train Police Officers with basic trauma care for their canine partners and give them the supplies they need to stabilize a dog to transport them to veterinary clinic.