Mushers Secret Is No Secret For Working Dogs

Many working dogs can develop paw issues they are working on concrete, asphalt or running thru who knows what to catch criminals. We knew Mushers Secret was developed for sled dogs to protect their paws, but we found that it helps all working dogs.

Mushers Secret is a great product to not only protect the canine paws in cold weather but also in hot weather. The paws of these dogs go through a lot of wear and tear and this product puts a waxy coating to help them from getting abrasions from hot surfaces. Also during the cold it will help to prevent ice pack. Ice pack is when the snow and ice gets up in between the toes of the dog and gets tangled in the fur. The waxy coat prevents this from happening. Also during the winter when there are public places that use salt to melt ice the Mushers Secret provides that waxy coat to prevent the salt from hurting their paws. I have found out that the military uses this product also for some of their K9's in Afghanistan. We are so thankful for Treadwell Products for their support of Kits For K9's to provide this valuable product to help our canine officers with preventive care.


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Thank You NaturVet for your support.

We would like to thank Naturvet for their continued support of Kits for K9's. Every year naturvet donates Pet electrolyte solution for us to include in our first aid kits. We are so lucky to have an organization like this support out K9's.

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Kits for K9s mission is to train Police Officers with basic trauma care for their canine partners and give them the supplies they need to stabilize a dog to transport them to veterinary clinic.