Toby is my life

TobyI am a Vietnam war veteran with a case of PTSD. I have been seeing a doctor for this for quite awhile.

It has caused me to be very short tempered and even at times I felt like the only solution was to end it all. Then I got Toby. This little man has done more for me than any doctor has done in years, he has given me a purpose. He has actually given me my life back. He has given me responsibility. He is someone I need to take care of and he depends on me. That alone makes me feel like a person again. The walks we take together, the playtime we have together, and the list goes on. Toby has literally saved my life. The happiness he brings me is something I haven’t enjoyed in quite awhile. Is Toby my hero? He is my life.

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Thank You NaturVet for your support.

We would like to thank Naturvet for their continued support of Kits for K9's. Every year naturvet donates Pet electrolyte solution for us to include in our first aid kits. We are so lucky to have an organization like this support out K9's.

Donation for Narcan - From Lucee and Miana

Kits for K9s mission is to train Police Officers with basic trauma care for their canine partners and give them the supplies they need to stabilize a dog to transport them to veterinary clinic.

Canine Drug Overdose

Police canines face many of the same challenges police officers do, stabbed, shootings and being assaulted. The biggest threat lately is illegal drug ingestion. Marijuana can cause issues but usually never fatal. Opioids are the largest threat right now to our canines.