Five Guys Fundraiser Spring 2016

Thank You Local Five Guys and customers we raised almost $300. Five Guys has agreed to do this every 6 months for us. So be prepared for us to do this again.

Pet First Aid Kit

Having a pet first aid kit is always good to have handy. It does not have to be fancy; a human first aid kit will usually work in a pinch. We highly recommend a first aid kit to anyone who takes their dog(s) out a lot to parks, competition events, adoption events or long walks. Having the supplies to dress small wounds or help stabilize a pet for the trip to the vet can save a life.

Donation - Dechra Veterinary Products

A big thank you to Dechra Veterinary Products. For you large donation of Animax antibiotic ointment. This is a great donation for us and will definitely help our K9 officers when they get minor wounds when hunting through woods, fields, or abandoned buildings.


Lake County Sheriff K9 Training

We had a great time at the Lake County Sheriff Department where we trained 24 officers from five different agencies. Twenty four kits where given out.

Virbac Thank You For Your Support.

We just received a large donation from Virbac Thank You. Dehydration is a very common problem with working dogs in the summer. This addition to our first aid kits will give handlers another tool to help their partners in the field.

Boot Drive For Kits For K9s

Lake Hills Volunteer Fire Department does boot drive to raise money for Kits for K9's Yesterday Volunteer fireman and K9 handler for St John police department visited Dr. Lisa Booth at Vale Park Animal Hospital to deliver a donation. The fire department volunteers at attended the CPR seminar put on by Dr Booth.

Bloat The Quick Killer

I want to thank you for saving my dog's life. I attended your Pet CPR and First Aid class at Vohne Liche Kennels back in 2013. The way you taught the class - your passion - made learning fun and helped me remember what you were teaching us.

One The Radio

Firefighters receive oxygen masks for pets

The Lake Hills Fire Department has another tool to help rescue pets, thanks to the donation of a pet oxygen mask. The donation of the mask was made by Invisible Fence of Northwest Indiana, the first donation the company has made to local fire departments.

Dehydration and Working K9's

Working dogs just don't know when to stop working. We have seen many cases of dehydration from all levels of handlers it happens. Thank You to NaturVet for donating Oral electrolyte solution, another great product we can now include in our first aid kits.

Recent News


Zoetis Petcare now has the K9 Courage program to help retired working dogs get the medical care they need. This program is to help retired police and military K-9 with medical expenses.

Thank You NaturVet for your support.

We would like to thank Naturvet for their continued support of Kits for K9's. Every year naturvet donates Pet electrolyte solution for us to include in our first aid kits. We are so lucky to have an organization like this support out K9's.

Donation for Narcan - From Lucee and Miana

Kits for K9s mission is to train Police Officers with basic trauma care for their canine partners and give them the supplies they need to stabilize a dog to transport them to veterinary clinic.